Eurosoul - Feel The Vibe [Eurodance 2020]
D.A.V.E ft. Lyane Leigh - Mailbox
Cascada - I'm Feeling It (In The Air)
Venga Deejays - Best Time Of My Life
Little Big - Hypnodancer
Salvatore Ganacci - Heartbass(feat. Tommy Cash)
Newborn 90s released new 90s Eurodance single entitled I Feel Alive
Chorale released new song entitled Osa Maailmaas
Pete D Moore released new version of Music Takes You Higher
Haddaway released new single entitled I Wanna Be For You
Phenomenia is a new Fun Factory inspired project
X-Perience new single is entitled I Feel Like You 555
Candy Apple Blue released 90s Eurodance inspired track entitled Turn On The Night
Emre Kaymasli new 90s euro house track
U96 new single is entitled Nightride
Rozalla new single is entitled Magnificent
VOITH is a music project from Sweden inspired by Synths, Eurodance, Post Punk and Synthpop
Savage new single is entitled Italodisco
Da Buzz new single is entitled Run For The Light
Pinna & Veneziano feat. Jean Lars - 7 o' Clock