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Submission Policy


I’m an artist and want to be featured on Eurodance Magazine.

If you feel like you’re shaping the future in real-time, please let us know. Eurodance Magazine was created to publish eurodance,dance,trance, house and disco music. If you’re a musician, send us a music link and we’ll have a listen online.For full feature we need biography,cover photos,music links..etc.This can be submitted via this submission form.


Eurodance Magazine music submission fees for every approved submission = 5€

Payments accepted via Paypal.

I have a website or blog and would like to exchange links with Eurodance Magazine.

We are always for this, please send an email with subject "Link Exchange" and topic Banner/link exchange we will contact you. Also this can be done via direct email find our email in section "Newsroom"

I’m an agency and want to promote a new product, brand or artist.

For branding and advertising initiatives, please email us directly via this contact form subject "Partnership or Business proposal".Thats all we will contact you if it's possible an deal or partnership.

I want to submit review about this blog or review about Eurodance music.

Send email with subject "Testmonials" via this contact form.That's all we will contact you and publish review.

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