[Eurodance Album] Resurrection by Maxxima


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[Eurodance Album] Resurrection by Maxxima

maxxima resurrection

Maxxima is a new dance project making music in the popular from the 90's styles of eurodance and eurohouse. The producer behind is Andy Stead who already took part in numerous euro singles of La Bouche , Corona, B.G. The Prince of Rap, Fio, Linda Rocco (Masterboy), AK Swift (Magic Affair), Greg Bannis (Hot Chocolate). 

 Maxxima features two legendary artists from the 90's dance scene, who contributed with their talents to make every song a potention new hit. The female vocals are done by Kristina Safrany who got fame in the mid 90s by singing the vocals in many eurodance acts like Cabballero, Master Jam, First Base, J.A.P. Davis and Megatronic. The rap vocals are done by Ricardo Overman aka MC Fixx It known as lead rapper from the bands Cappella, Anticappella, Twenty 4 Seven and eurorap duo RnG. 

 The debut single of Maxxima - "No More Chance" was very well accepted by the fans of modern eurodance music and got a big wave of positive feedbacks and comments on social media. It entered many djs and fans voting charts for eurodance music in the first days after release. Also hit the Australian Itunes Chart Top 100 at N8, the UK Juno Downloads Chart Top 100 at N9, and the Swiss Dance Chart Top 100 at N74 (staying for 10 weeks in the chart). The second single "In My Mind" was charted in the Eurodance Hitlist Top 50 at N1, in the UK Juno Downloads Chart Top 100 at N2, and the Swiss Dance Chart Top 200 at N114. 

 The debut album "Resurrection" contains 10 brilliant new dance classics in the 90s style. All songs performed by the vocal duo behind Maxxima, formed by Kristina Safrany and Ricardo Overman, recorded in Germany and Holland, mixed and produced in England. This is one of the very few and rare, new-recorded, 100% eurodance albums in 2020. Also the only one and first since decades eurodance album in the catalogue of ToCo Asia, which gonna be licensed worldwide in 2020/2021. It will be available for streamings, digital downloads and physical CDs. Don't miss this magic journey in the world of the real euro dance music.
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Buy and stream: https://bit.ly/3m9yNsL