Savage new single is entitled Italodisco


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Savage new single is entitled Italodisco

Savage new single is entitled Italodisco
Photo by Savage

 Roberto Zanetti is an Italian singer, music producer, composer and businessman from Massa, Tuscany. As a singer he is known under the stage name Savage, and as a music producer he is known as Robyx.
In the early 1990s, Robyx pioneered the production of the Eurodance style. Hits such as "Think About the Way" by Ice MC, "Me and You" by Alexia, and "Run to Me" by Double You made Robyx an international success as a producer. Zanetti is widely credited for increasing the exposure of Eurodance on radio. In 1997, Robyx produced Alexia's "The Summer is Crazy".

Finally 2009 the producer Roberto Zanetti aka Robyx finally decided to bring back his project Savage to life. In June, a video was shot in Los Angeles for the newest single Twothousandnine.

In May 2, 2020 Savage released his new single entitled Italodisco, current track is also available as Maxi single followed with mixes by Flemming Dalum, R-B-X, Italoconnection, and K.Salo.
  Italodisco is featured on Savage new album Love and Rain released in February 2020. Available on all major streaming services and shops.

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