Pinna & Veneziano feat. Jean Lars - 7 o' Clock


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Pinna & Veneziano feat. Jean Lars - 7 o' Clock

Pinna & Veneziano feat. Jean Lars - 7 o' Clock
Photo by LP Music

Put a DJ team like Roby Pinna and Marco Veneziano: the first with a great experience gained in the radios and in the best Italian and European clubs with a predisposition to the 80s sounds and the passion for melody and beautiful voices. The second creator of the Passion Inside project, a radio format broadcast for years in FM in Italy-Switzerland-Slovenia-Spain and South America, as well as being a special guest in the best European clubs.
To them add the producer Zero One (aka Gianfranco Cirillo) author of countless hits behind him; in addition the featuring Jean Lars one of the most "intriguing and promising" voices directly from Los Angeles ... and here is the result "7 O 'CLOCK"!
A song with a decidedly Pop-Dance international sound that will surely conquer radio programs and European clubs, bringing Made in Italy production to an international competitive level!
Out in April 24, 2020 on all major streaming platforms and published by LP Music.

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