Top 5 Songs From Masterboy You May Like


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Top 5 Songs From Masterboy You May Like

Top 5 Songs From Masterboy You May Like
Photo by Masterboy - Text art by eurodancemag

Masterboy is the one of most successful German Eurodance groups of all time.The group is founded in January 1990 by Tommy Schleh and Enrico Zabler.The producer Enrico Zabler and DJ Tommy Schleh, met in Baden-Württemberg(Summer 1989' ) where they decided to start working together.One of the first tracks was Dance To The Beat released in 1990, also that track can be marked as one of the first 90s Eurodance tracks.Original members are producer Enrico Zabler, DJ Tommy Schleh aka DJ Klubbingman and vocalist Trixi Delgado.Most notable songs are "Feel The Heat Of The Night", "Generation Of Love", "I Got To Give It Up", "Is This The Love", "Land Of Dreaming", "Mister Feeling" and many other.Masterboy at the moment released 6 albums.First album was released in 1991 entitled The Masterboy Family, second in 1993 entitled Feeling Alright, third in 1994 entitled Different Dreams, fourth in 1995 entitled Generation Of Love - The Album, fifth in 1996 entitled Colours and last in 2000 called Best Of Masterboy.
In 2013, after 10 years since their break up, Masterboy (Trixi Delgado, Tommy Schleh, and Enrico Zabler) has come back to perform at different '90s Shows'.New song is released in 2018 entitled Are You Ready(We Love the 90s).
Now this is our Top 5 Songs From Masterboy You May Like:

#5 Is This The Love


#4 Land Of Dreaming


#3 Generation Of Love


#2 I Got To Give It Up


#1 Feel The Heat Of The Night