Interview with Djanis Mitchell(TH Express)


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Interview with Djanis Mitchell(TH Express)

Interview with Djanis Mitchell(TH Express)
Photo by Djanis Mitchell

Djanis Mitchell is a former rapper of TH Express group created by the French record company Ramdam Factory in collaboration with Mauro Farina from SAIFAM Publishing Group.The group featured Fauve as frontlady and Ramses(Djanis Mitchell) as rapper. Known for hits "I'm On Your Side" and "Missing In The Rain".These 2 singles were a hits on dance floors around Spain, Japan, Benelux, South America and especially in France, where the group did most of their shows.

Hello Djanis


Can you tell me more about you, first touch with music and how did you start your musical career?

I’m Djanis (ex Ramses )Rapper of TH Express group.I’m from West Indies especially the Martinique and also I have origins of Holland.
I started singing in the MJC, i was Also in my youth dancer of many famous singers and that’s where I was spotted by a producer. That‘s what started my success !

Eurodance fans may know you from TH Express group under pseudonym Ramses. Around the web there is rumours that you are not real rapper behind some TH Express songs where is featured rap parts.Can you reveal the true behind TH Express group when you was part of it?

I think that i came to this group in 1989' and i left 1997.This rumour is completely false.All rap parts till my departure 97' belongs to me.

You are still into music, but not Eurodance. Can you describe your current musical style in a few sentences?

Although the music has changed a lot I stay deeply attached to black music. (especially in soûl music and RnB music).My actual style is RnB in the mood of time !

Tell me about your music influences?

I like the Weeknd, Usher, Chris Brown.

Best decade of music for you and why?

90s’ was the best decade because the hip hop was at the top.

Do you have favourite artist and with whom would you like to do a collaboration?

The Weeknd for a collab will be great!

Music today is a such mess.There are many artists and the releases are exactly the same. Can you tell me what do you think about it?

It’s very sad and regrettable and that it blocks the creativity of the artists!

Are you working on new music and new projects?

Of course l work actualy on 4 songs (RnB style) and I hope to find a good label.

How is Djanis in real life?

I’m a calm boy, I found myself in spirituality,because 90’s were very tumultuous...I practised Boxing which fills me with the lack of the stage!

Message for fans and where they can find you?

Follow me (Djanis Mitchell) on Facebook,Youtube,Deezer,Instagram.

Thanks Djanis for your time and this interview.

Thank you so much! It was a pleasure.