Eurosoul is a new Eurodance project from Chile


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Eurosoul is a new Eurodance project from Chile

Eurosoul is a new Eurodance project from Chile
Photo by Eurosoul
Eurosoul is a name of the new Eurodance project from Santiago,Chile.Project is founded in 2019 by electronic music producer Ovnimoon.Members of the project are Hector Stuardo, Ignacio Barbagelata and Jeannette Aldea.Ovnimoon real name is Hector Stuardo and he is producer of electronic music since 1999.
He produce styles like psytrance, goatrance, techno, ambient, retrowave , chill, club trance and his music is released under some underground labels.

Story behind Eurosoul:
Last two years , i was very curious in doing eurodance, because i was born listening to 80s and 90s dance music, with Technotronic i fall into this genre of electronic music so i go for it. I was a fan of the genre in my teen age and for many years...after that i move to more underground electronic music...but always fall in love with Eurodance, so i decide to compose some tracks.
I was looking for a rapper for one year, i didnt find him, so someday my very close friend told me he was a rapper in the past...and we made test and BOOM , he was the man , his name is Ignacio Barbagelata (Infiltrator Mc) , he is also Chill out and Psytrance producer. After that, i start to searching female vocalist...Ignacio friend a fashion stylist Jeannette Aldea , made a test with me, and she make it possible :)

Debut song of the project is entitled Atomic Dance.This song is powerful and with 90s Eurodance energy. Second song is entitled Power Of Dance, this song is also true eurodance power.Their latest release is entitled The Love Is My Key,this song is also 90s styled eurodance with a cool melody.
Project Eurosoul planning to release more music in the future and to do album, or 12".
Check out Eurosoul music and videos on Youtube and Soundcloud.