David Raynolds is another uprising music star inspired by Eurodance


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David Raynolds is another uprising music star inspired by Eurodance

Photo by David Raynolds

The 'Star Wars' prequels were coming to an end, the US was gaining their own 'Office,' and Coldplay released their third studio album, 'X&Y,' not knowing someone who'd soon grow up idolizing their ways was being born. That someone was David Raynolds.

The Canadian-born singer/actor found himself immersed in music early in life, playing and composing on a toy piano at one-years-old. His compositions sensibly melodic and in key. From the beginning, he’s enjoyed listening to classical composers including Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart and pop/rock bands like Queen.

By five David began participating in singing talent shows. One of his first entries was his rendition of Elton John’s “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” and despite having had no formal music training, David sang flawlessly. David went on to participate in the Kiwanis Music Festival in the “Original Composition” section at the ages of six and seven He was awarded the Gold both years.

When he was eight, David moved to Vancouver where he continued sharpening his singing skills. Then, after taking a short break from music, David became involved in a charity event for the homeless at which he performed two songs. The audience was extremely impressed by his vocal range. It meant a great deal to David to contribute his talent to such an important cause. He puts a great deal of love and passion into his songs and hopes to make a difference by delivering a positive message with his music.

David is a consummate professional and takes his music very seriously. Toward the end of 2015, David began collaborating with renowned Vancouver music producer Murray Yates of Echoman Records. Yates has had two record deals as the lead singer and main songwriter of Templar and Forty Foot Echo (EMI, Hollywood Records) and his single "Brand New Day" was featured on the gold record earning soundtrack for the feature film "Freaky Friday". Yates' music has also been featured on TV series One Tree Hill, EA Sports "NHL 2001", and feature films "The Prince and Me" and "Skulls 2".

They worked hard together to create David’s very first album, ‘I Believe In Me,’ an amazing collection of original songs suitable for children of all ages and their families. David was 11-years-old. After the first EP release, David was forced to take a break due to the reality of puberty. Now, after some three years, his voice is stable and he is back to voice over acting and music. With his vocal cords matured he is ready to conquer the audience with his new album ‘So Alive.’

‘So Alive’ is a post-puberty record showing a young teen struggles and success. The album is a mix of two originals and three covers produced by Murray Yates. One of the originals being “We Are The Voice.” A song unlike any currently out, “We Are The Voice” contains a powerful message for humanity; we all share the same air, we all share the same sky, we all share our planet’s problems. It serves as a wake-up call for the entire population, and like many of his peers such as Greta Thunberg, David hopes to create awareness and get people together to find solutions for what we are facing as human beings.

‘So Alive’ has been well received by audiences who love David’s new vocals as it’s an amazing album showcasing David’s new voice, which is comparable to Neil Diamond or Chris Rea. David, as a singer, loves seeing smiles on people’s faces.

At the beginning of 2020 David decided to continue his music journey by writing new songs in collaboration with Murray Yates. There is an upcoming album but for the moment the single Nuclear was released on January 20th, 2020.

Current EP "So Alive" is the second EP for David Raynolds. The album is offering 3 amazing cover songs and 2 originals. The originals are very vibrant and powerful.We choose "This Is The End" as our favourite track from album.This is a very catchy and addictive eurodance/edm song about inner fight against depression, anxiety and fear of unknown.

EP/Album is available on all major streaming services and stores from September 14, 2019.

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