Top 5 Songs From 2 Unlimited You May Like


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Top 5 Songs From 2 Unlimited You May Like

Top 5 Songs 2 Unlimited
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2 Unlimited is Dutch Eurodance group founded by Belgian producers Jean-Paul De Coster and Phil Wilde in 1991 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Dutch rapper Ray Slijngaard and Dutch vocalist Anita Doth fronted the group from 1991 to 1996. During the five years of 2 Unlimited's worldwide mainstream success, the act scored a total of 16 chart hits, including "Get Ready for This", "Twilight Zone", "No Limit", and "Tribal Dance". They have sold 18 million records worldwide. Although they enjoyed less mainstream recognition in the United States, many of their songs have become popular themes at American sporting events, particularly in the NHL and the NBA.In April 1996, shortly after the release of the single "Jump for Joy", both Slijngaard and Doth announced that 2 Unlimited was over. They each went their separate ways before a final single "Spread Your Love" was released in June 1996.In the years after Ray and Anita left 2 Unlimited,producers De Coster and Wilde recruited two new singers, Romy van Ooijen (born 18 November 1971) and Marjon van Iwaarden (born 18 June 1974). Album II is unique because its the only album to feature Romy and Marjon as vocalists and was released in certain European territories.Release date: 25.May.1998(Soundsational Studios).

How 2 Unlimited was formed?

Jean-Paul De Coster and Phil Wilde met in their hometown of Antwerp, Belgium, and their first collaboration under the name of Bizz Nizz resulted in a single called "Don't Miss The Party Line" which entered the top 10 in the UK. The two then decided to continue to work together. Jean-Paul De Coster and Phil Wilde initially had created an instrumental track they called "Get Ready for This" and they decided that it needed some vocals.

De Coster quote: 

That 12-inch single became a club hit, and we invited Ray Slijngaard to have a go at it. We had worked with him on "Money Money", an unreleased single by Bizz Nizz. By September he returned the tape to us. To our surprise, he had also added the female vocals of a certain Anita Doth, a traffic warden from Amsterdam. He told us she was a good friend of his out of the city's nightlife. Ray discussed the possibility of forming a duo to front the project.
Pleased with the result that they agreed to work with them as a duo, and thus 2 Unlimited was born.

2 Unlimited ray and anita
Ray and Anita


Get Ready(1991-1992)
No Limits!(1993-1994)
Real Things(1994-1995)
Hits Unlimited(1995-1996)
The Complete History(CD/DVD Album - 2004)

Reunions and Comebacks(2009-2016)

Ray and Anita continued to perform their old hits separately in nightclubs and university student unions around the world, the original performers Ray Slijngaard and Anita Doth reunited on 11 April 2009, to perform together for the first time in 13 years at the "I Love The 90s" concert in Hasselt, Belgium. According to a radio interview with Slijngaard, Jean-Paul De Coster did not give permission for the duo to perform under the name 2 Unlimited; however Phil Wilde attended the gig and provided help with preparing backing tracks.

Under name Ray and Anita they released two singles, debut in 2010 called "In Da Name of Love". It was released as a CD single in the Netherlands through Spinnin' Records on 22 January 2010. It reached No. 6 on the Dutch Top 40 sales chart.

2 Unlimited
Ray and Anita as 2 Unlimited

 In July 2011, Ray & Anita invited fans to be part of the video for "Nothing 2 Lose" in Amsterdam. Fans applied via email and were selected randomly. The video with the fans was shot on 28 July. The single was released at the end of August 2011.

On 11 July 2012, it was announced that Ray & Anita would be working again with the Belgian producer, Jean-Paul De Coster under the name 2 Unlimited.On 30 March 2013, Ray and Anita performed their first full concert as 2 Unlimited.The duo released a remixed version of their very first single, "Get Ready for This" on 28 October 2013. The song has been remixed by DJ Steve Aoki and was included on their Greatest Hits album.

On 20 April 2016, 2 Unlimited announced that Anita Doth would be leaving the band at the end of 2016 to embark on a solo career. Doth will be replaced with another singer. Who the replacement would be, was yet to be announced, but Doth has said that she thinks the new singer is a worthy replacement.

Kim Vergouwen(2016-present)

Ray and Kim 2 Unlimited
Ray Slijngaard and Kim Vergouwen as 2 Unlimited
Kim was born in 1984, she is also known as Kim V aka Kim Ley.In past years she was Dance Nation's frontlady.Dance Nation is known by euro/vocal trance hits such as "Sunshine"(2001) and "Dance!"(2002).
Kim was one of the contestants of the Dutch version of X-Factor. She ended 5th last in category "less than 26 years old girls".
On 13 August 2016, Kim Vergouwen is known as Anita's replacement.Ray confirmed that via his social media profiles.

#5 No One

#4 Get Ready For This

#3 Twilight Zone

#2 Tribal Dance

#1 No Limit

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