Move Your Body is Juha Soininen book about Eurodance


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Move Your Body is Juha Soininen book about Eurodance

move your body rajaton eurodance

Move Your Body - Rajaton Eurodance is original title of the book about Eurodance music from finnish author Juha Soininen.First edition (Finnish edition) of this book is out in November 2019.Second edition(English edition) should be out in 2020.This is first book that concentrates solely on classical eurodance, that thrived in the years 1992-1996. Book tells about bands like Cappella, Maxx, Culture Beat, Technotronic, Waldo and many others.Juha's book goes deep into eurodance genre,not like other books about 90s or dance music scene,this tells about it's characteristics and introduce famous or not so famous bands or people behind these bands. The book is full of artist interviews and pictures.Available as physical book and e-book.

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