Music was my first drug is new single from Tina Safrany


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Music was my first drug is new single from Tina Safrany

Tina Safrany - Music was my first drug
Photo: Tina Safrany/NTB Musikverlag 

Kristina (Tina) Safrany is german Eurodance singer & composer and just another Eurodance queen.She was born in June 26th in Jettenbach(Germany).
She started her musical carreer in 1992, just after graduating.

After contributing to Dance Device, she took part as studio vocalist to eurodance groups such as Space Mission (Red Martian) and Chart Houz(Take Your Love Away). She contributed  to the projects Get The Real Power - In The Heat Of The Night and Stereotype - And The Beat Goes On under name Tina S. Under the name of Christina, she appeared on Project P - I Give You All My Love and Megatronic - Into The Fire. She joined JAP Davis as C. Safrany and sung vocals for Black And White and Walking On Air. She also appeared on Masterjam - I Wanna Know under the name Chrissie.

She became the female vocalist of the First Base project under the name of Viktoria as she was 25.
She is back 2009 with new single under name First B. feat Tina Safrany - Free Way.
In 2010 is released song Believe In Love and videoclip.
In 2018 she teamed with rapper Freeze and producer D-Base(Digital Base Project) to record new eurodance song  entitled You Taught Me How To Love.

In January 2019 is published eurodance track Love Is The Power.

New single Music Was My First Drug is premiered on youtube in September 28th, 2019.Produced by Uwe Köhler-Safranj and Gerd Hesse under NTB Records.For all digital shops and stream services will be available from October 8th 2019.Radio Mix and DuoBuzz remix available for streaming on services like Spotify , Amazon , GooglePlay and others.

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