Eurodance artist created Eurodance game


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Eurodance artist created Eurodance game

OkuGame - DJ Runner is a retro-style casual mobile game staring Oku Luukkainen of Retroperjantai, Radio Nova, and "7300 Päivää" fame. It is the world's first mobile game to ever be created for a radio DJ.

Dash down the streets of Helsinki, dodging evil nasty ninjas and grumpy grannies, as you try to get to your DJ gig on time. Along the way you'll get help from some of Oku's real-world music friends and some of the biggest dance music stars in Finland, like Movetron and Chorale.

Beat the boss and try to get to the top of he high-score list by collecting CDs as you run! Fun minigames will give you extra points to help you climb the high-score ladder.

Eurodance as a music genre is making a comeback all over Europe. Especially live music scene has embraced the 90s for some time now and younger generations have found the old stars again. Oku Luukkainen is one of the most popular radio DJs in Finland and a famous Eurodance aficionado. His weekly radio show is all about the Eurodance scene. He has also done guest appearances in many Eurodance songs. Some of the artists featured in Oku’s weekly radio show are the same 90s artists making cameo appearances in Oku’s new mobile game.

The game was created by one of the Finnish game industry's most recognizable characters and a leading accessibility advocate, Felicia Prehn. She worked with her team at Nopia and Oku Luukkainen to develop a story and game style that would appeal to everyone, even if they're never heard of the title hero before.

Released in 5th September 2019 – Finnish Game development and animation studio Nopia has launched the world's first game starring a real-life radio DJ.

Oku Game – DJ Runner is available now on the App Store and Google Play.

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