Top 5 Songs From Ice Mc You May Like


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Top 5 Songs From Ice Mc You May Like

Ice MC is British rapper (Born Ian Campbell,March 22 1965).Known for hit singles "Think About The Way" , "It's A Rainy Day" , and "Take Away The Colour".Ice MC hits are notable for being first Eurodance songs for blend raggamuffin style rap with female singing choruses.Italian producer and singer Roberto Zanetti(a.k.a. Robyx) and his music team produced the Ice MC hits while simultaneously producing hits for other major '90s artists like Double You,Alexia and Corona.

Alexia and Ice MC

Story behind first albums and success of hits

Eurodance legend Ice MC released 5 albums:


2.My World(1991)



5.Cold Skool(2004)

Ice Mc get success and fame with his third album Ice'N'Green hits such as "It's Rainy Day",Think About The Way" and "Take Away The Colour" are for all times.

In 1989,Ice Mc met singer and artist Roberto Zanetti(known as Savage and Robyx).Their first single is called "Easy" made in hip house style come out 1989.It became successful all over Europe, reaching the top 5 in Italy and the top 3 in Germany. The two next singles, "Cinema" and "Scream", and the subsequent debut album, Cinema (released later in 1990), were also successful. In 1992 his second LP, My World, came out but failed to achieve the success of its predecessor.

Rare photo from Ice Mc with dreadlocks

The most successful hits featured vocals from Alexia.
Three of his most successful songs, "Think About The Way," (also featured in the soundtrack to the 1996 film Trainspotting), "It's A Rainy Day" and "Take Away The Colour", made the charts all over the world. Ian now got a new look and new style: raggamuffin. The album was also released in the US where the two biggest singles saw substantial club play and moderate dance music radio airplay, thus becoming hits. In 1995 "Ice'n'Green - The Remix Album" was released. This contained various remixes of previous hit singles.

Collaboration with Enrico Zabler(Masterboy)

Tommy Schleh,Ice MC and Enrico Zabler

In 1996, Ice MC decided to leave Zanetti and Alexia due to some disagreements. Shortly after that a new album,Dreadatour (produced by Masterboy producer Enrico Zabler) was released. The hit from the album was "Give Me The Light", the second Single-Release from "Dreadatour" was "Music For Money" also produced by Enrico Zabler from Masterboy also the Album-Tracks "Never Stop Believing" and "It's Up To You".

Collaborating again with Roberto Zanetti and new album

Ice Mc
In 2002 Ice Mc decided to return in Italy and to contact Robero Zanetti.Later in 2004 they join forces again to record some new material and last album entitled Cold Skool.

Private life and new singles

Ice MC nowdays
Ice Mc is back 2012 with new single entitled "Out Tonight" featuring Giulia Gal.New remixes come out 2013 by Enfortro and Dirty Disciples.
Sean Paul and Arash used Ice MC melody parts from "Think about the way" in his song "She Makes Me Go" 2012.
In 2017 is done new single and videoclip entitled "Do The Dip" with Nico Heinz and Max Kuhn.Ian Campbell is also painter and he sell his paintings via official website.
It's time for Top 5 songs from Ice MC

#5 Give Me The Light 

#4 Easy 

#3 Take Away The Colour

#2 It's A Rainy Day

 ...and number one 

 #1 Think About The Way