Top 5 Songs From Technotronic You May Like


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Top 5 Songs From Technotronic You May Like

In photo Mc Eric and  Ya Kid K
Technotronic is Belgian new beat/hip house/eurodance studio based project founded 1988 by music mastermind Jo  Bogaert (a.k.a Thomas De Quincey). When we talking about Technotronic the project is known for their hit singles "Pump Up The Jam" ,"Move This" ,"Get Up(Before The Night Is Over)" ,"This Beat Is Technotronic" ,"Move It To The Rhythm".At these years of late 80s and early 90s Technotronic beat,style and look conquered virtually every hitlist throughout the world and shocked international dance community.Technotronic released four studio albums and several compilations.

Joe Bogaert
Jo Bogaert producer of Technotronic

Producer and mastermind of Technotronic Jo Bogaert(Pseudonym Thomas De Quincey) is born 1956 in Aalst,Belgium.Already made his mark with several New Beat and Eurobeat projects like Nux Nemo and Acts of Madmen.Bogaert studied philosophy and played in a number of bands in different genres, including blues and new wave. He released one album under his own name in 1984, entitled "None of them are green". in 1987, he wrote the soundtrack for the movie Riot 88.Together with vocalist Manuela Kamosi aka Ya Kid K he produced their hit Pump Up The Jam.The track began life as "Technotronic" (which later became the project's official name), an original instrumental that Bogaert released under the name The Pro 24s. Based on Farley Jackmaster Funk's "The Acid Life", this instrumental initially included vocal samples from Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" live set from 1983 and was months later replaced by newer music, along with lyrics and vocals from Ya Kid K prior to the song's international release in September 1989.In the 1993 Jo Bogaert released ambient album "Different voices",then in 1996 he had the project Millennium (with one song featuring vocals by Robert Wyatt), but neither was successful or longlived.In the next decades he working as producer,often for techno and edm acts but also for completely different genres.In 2015 he wrote "Dag meneer De Wilde", a biography of Jan De Wilde published at Lannoo. He also wrote two books about his hometown Aalst, and a work on painter Jan van Eyck.

Technotronic Mc Eric and Ya Kid K
Mc Eric and Ya Kid K

First public face of Technotronic was "blue lipped" fashion model known as Felly.However Felly real name Felly Kilingi stay as public face until second single "Get Up" where public for the first time heard and saw Manuela Kamosi a.k.a Ya Kid K, an talented singer,mc and songwriter.Ya Kid K also do vocals on the first single.Hit single "Pump Up The Jam" was sold in over 3.5 million in world sales,another success with single "Get Up"  resulted over 1.9 million.By the end of 1990 Pump Up The Jam had reached pole position in Billboard 12" singles dance chart.Single "This Beat Is Technotronic" featuring MC Eric is released 1990 followed by singles "Rockin' Over The Beat" featuring Ya Kid K and single release "Turn It Up" featuring Melissa and Einstein this release was unable to chart so Melissa and Einstein was replaced by new singer called Reggie.In 1991 is released three singles "Move That Body","Work" and "Money Makes The World Go Around" featuring vocals from Reggie. In 1992 single "Move This" peaked  #5 in the Billboard charts.In 1993 is released "Hey Yoh,Here We Go" featuring vocals from Ya Kid K.In 1994 is released single "One + One featuring vocals from Ya Kid K.

mc eric ya kid k
MC Eric and Ya Kid K

 In 1994 Technotronic was back in new style,producers Jo Bogaert(aka Thomas De Quincey) and Patrick De Meyer teamed up with Phil Wilde and Peter Bauwens.These two world famous producers is well known for their success with acts like 2 Unlimited and CB Milton.(Sold more than 10 million copies worldwide).This collaboration results "Move It To The Rhythm",completely power eurodance banger.
In 1995 is released single "Recall" featuring Ya Kid K,which announcing studio album "Recall".
1996 is released singles "I Want You By My Side","Crazy" and "Pump Up The Jam - The '96 Sequel".
Technotronic is back 1998 with release "Get Up – The '98 Sequel".In 1999 is released track "Like This"(featuring Monday Midnite).
In 2000 Technotronic released singles "The G-Train"(featuring Monday Midnite) and "The Mariachi"(featuring Ya Kid K).

ya kid k
Ya Kid K on concert tour

Discography: 3 albums +1 remix album and several compilations
First and best selling is entitled "Pump Up The Jam"(1989) had notched up over 4 million in world sales.Album have 12 tracks where 11 and 12 track are cd bonus tracks,written by Jo Bogaert and Manuela Kamosi except 3rd track which is written by Eric Martin and Jo Bogaert.The fact track 12 is entitled "Blue String" on US and Canadian cd release.
 Second album "Trip On This:The Remixes" is released 1990 under labels ARS Productions/SBK/EMI Records.This album was remix oriented album  have 10 tracks,US version have 9 tracks.Featuring mixes from Shep Pettibone,Todd N. Terry and award winning dj and producer David Morales.
Third album "Body To Body" is released 1991 under label Transistor Music.Have 11 tracks produced by Bogaert,Patrick De Meyer, and featuring vocals from Zairian-American singer,model and actress Réjane Magloire known as Reggie.On album is also added contribution from Lucien Foort and Oliver Abbeloos.
The last album "Recall" is released 1995 under labels ARS Productions/SBK/EMI Records.Have 12 tracks in style of euro dance.Japanese edition have additional 3 tracks,the remixes of the single "Move It To The Rhythm".Technotronic continues to play old hits on 90s oriented concerts around Europe.Also Eric Martin aka MC Eric performing in the US as dj and play Technotronic hits.
mc eric 2019
In the photo Eric Martin aka MC Eric

Now is the time to create our Top 5 list:


#5 Move This


#4 This Beat Is Technotronic


#3 Move It To The Rhythm


#2 Get Up(Before The Night Is Over)


#1 Pump Up The Jam