Eurotrance: Top 5 Songs From Dance Nation You May Like


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Eurotrance: Top 5 Songs From Dance Nation You May Like

Dance Nation is dutch euro/vocal trance project created 2001 by producers Bradski & Jenski(Brad Grobler and Rob Janssen).During problems with previous label 2004 project change their name to Double Nation, in some countries project is also known as Sean & Kim or R.I.P.
Debut single "Sunshine" become a big hit worldwide.Soon after this vocalist Kim Vergouwen a.k.a Kim V joined the project.Later the project joined an amazing dancer and singer Sean.Project released 4 albums,first released 2005 entitled "Trance Champion"  and have 17 tracks including hit singles "Dance" and "Sunshine".Second album "One Nation" is released 2007,including also 17 tracks.Third album "Around The World" is released 2008 with 16 tracks.The 4th album was released on november 2009 entitled "Vocal Trance Years 2004-2009" and including 15 euro/vocal trance tracks.Dance Nation returns 2010 with new track "The Great Divide" and with new vocalist called Sandrine.On november 2010 is released another track "Surround Me" videoclip was shot in LA.
Thats all folks about Dance Nation project,now it's time to create our Top 5.Which track will be #1?

#5 The Great Divide

Our Top 5 made this newer track from group released in May 2010.This track is an energetic mix of disco and euro/vocal trance with dancing capacity,another success from Dance Nation.To bad no official videoclip for this song.

#4 Ridin' High

This track also made our Top 5 just because i'm fan of Detroit techno(Derrick May,Inner City,Jeff Mills...etc) and i hear that elements in this track.Sometimes described as house or dance but my definition is "Detroit meets vocal trance".Always loved that detroit melody because it's darker and simple.

#3 Dance!

Yeah such a cool eurotrance song i feel nostalgic.Nice synths,driving bassline punchy drums,catchy.You can always dance,such songs never dies.So like this song says Dance!

#2 Words

Euro tranceish melody synth,simple bassline,punchy,hot and it's danceable track for sure. This song is about feelings,emotions and fullfiled with dreamy vocals from Sean & Kim.Reminds me of Lasgo and some other artists.

#1 Sunshine

Huge hit from Dance Nation so i made this #1 once again.Everything was great in this track begining with original trancy synths,catchy melody,supreme vocals,bassline was solid.This song take you to heaven.Released also in new versions and covered by several artists including R.I.O aka Tony T.
After all "Hey Miss Sunshine" this made the list.

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