Featured Artist: Andy Stead


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Featured Artist: Andy Stead

Andy Stead aka DOLLS is a British born producer and remixer based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Andy’s first breaks in the music industry first came at the age of 15 when a local DJ/producer offered him a job in his studio. At the age of 18, Andy landed a job at Slip “N” Slide Records in London.

During the early 2000’s Andy spent some time in Ibiza promoting and doing live PA’s with an act called KYA, which then lead to a hit in the UK dance charts called Bulletproof. I have had solo releases with various other labels including Se7enth Fury Records which was mainly house tracks and with Media Records Italy with tracks called ‘Riding High’ and  the clubhouse classic ‘Living in the Sunshine’.
My biggest influences when it comes to producing music have to be the powerhouse that is Media Records. I have been obsessed with Gianfranco’s work for many years and have strived to be as detailed as him. I love the industrial-ness of his work, the way the leads cut hard in the track and the arpeggios glide the track along. I am also a fan of Robyx, his work on the likes of Ice Mc, Alexia, Double You is such good quality, I think it’s an Italian thing!!!!!!!! 

I now work under the remix name DOLLS, I’m not sure where it came from but i remember releasing a track under the name ‘Doll$’ which was meant to be a short version of ‘Dollars’ but the label for some reason changed it to DOLLS which I’m totally fine with.  I am in love with Eurodance and it has played a massive role in my life and I will continue to develop and produce it forever!!!

We have got some very exciting Eurodance tracks coming soon on the DMN Records label and I am very proud to be working alongside the likes of BG The Prince Of Rap, Linda Rocco, J.O.Y.C.E and Timi Kullai.

Here is some previous remixes in eurodance style from Andy Stead aka Dolls:

J.o.y.c.e feat A.K S.w.i.f.t - Get 2gether(Dolls Remix)
B.G. The Prince Of Rap feat. Timi Kullai - Once You Have Me (Dolls Eurodance Remix)

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