Interview with Alex


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Interview with Alex

Alex is Eurodance artist from Sweden


Hello Igor

What is your first contact with music?

In early 90’s I started to do keyboard lessons, I was very interested in electronic music and heard a lot of eurodance from my sister who was be teenager at that time.

Why Eurodance?

I like the combination with uptempo techno/trance sounds combined with female chorus and male rap.

Describe eurodance with three words?

It’s energetic, colourful and blissful.

Describe your music style with three words?

Energetic, emotional and colourful.

Favourite eurodance artist or band?


Favourite eurodance cd and single?

N-Trance - Turn Up The Power.

What is your favourite track from last album?

The Real Talk.

What give you inspiration for songs?

Nature and traveling

Today we have new eurodance groups,artists who doing eurodance classics,what you have to say about this,i call this 3rd generation?

It’s very warming to see that people are keeping the eurodance vibe alive, but I have still not seen any new deep/unique eurodance act that impresses me. I think it’s important to not become to commercialised and to have a deep soulful feeling in the tracks.

Other music genres,exept eurodance?

Psychedelic Forest Trance, Ambient, Dub/reggae.

Favourite videoclip?

When we shooted Moonlight video.

Best moment in carreer?

Performing I’m Gonna Make You Mine for the first time.

What do you have to say about your vocalist Marwa?

She is great working in the studio with me and is very talented in vocal expression. I hope she will continue singing in future.

At the end of the interview what have to say to all eurodance fans?

Keep following your passion and love yourself 100%. We have many fans around the globe and we are becoming bigger now thanks to the Internet. Please continue to share music, there are so many great old tracks to discover!

Thanks Alex for the interview!

Thank You!